You don’t have to Take Drugs – to have a steady, calm mind —- Hmm… Why don’t our Psychiatrists tell us this ?

Again, I wrote another answer on Quora, an amazing place to go for Free answers on Fricking everything!!!  – anonymous asked –

Are there any tricks to maintaining intense focus for long periods of time without drugs?

And once again I was inspired to spend a good chunk of my  evening writing free advice. I am stupid like that. If I were a life-coach/therapist I could charge $300 + session for this type of advice … that can be found anywhere on the internet or library if you are looking, Hello!  Why do people pay for old school advice that can be found in books in the library, the internet, with a wise friend or family member?  Shit – I don’t know.  Do we JUST trust people who will rip us off?  * Important message below related to me Loving certain Lifecoaches, Self-help experts, but wondering about the fad that has taken over this country.

My answer – Original can be seen here –Original answer on Quora

I have made new edits of the answer on this blog below— it is the designer in me – always iterating, improving, revising … oops, writers do that as well. : )  Gosh .. I am both … I guess. (Note – false humility with a touch of irony)

The question again Anonymous Asked –

Are there any tricks to maintaining intense focus for long periods of time without drugs?

Yes absolutely, and I use certain ancient tricks known to billions  throughout history all the time … and am able to focus for hours on end on a topic writing,  doing design projects, reading, talking business strategy with biz partners, what have you.

This is NOT to say that I don’t have ADHD tendencies, I do, I have had WORSE than ADHD tendencies, I was diagnosed with bi-polar – but I learned to surf my energies, the highs and the lows — and coast on the in-betweens.

When you are scatter-brained and edgy, can’t sit down, you are on HIGH Energy

This is good and bad – you have the energy to do a particular task, but you don’t have the concentration to do so.  What you need is to ground that energy.

And there are plenty of ways to do this — pay attention to the type of foods you are eating –

  • Ayurvedic medicine goes into detail about this.
  • It is general knowledge among vegetarians, and people who scrutinize their diet/body connection – that meat and grains and starches – sort of ground you at best, and slow you wayyyy down to depression level at worst.
  • And it is general knowledge caffeine cranks  up the cortisone levels, and can make one anxious and edgy, if you weren’t dead tired previously.
  • While a fruit and veggie based diet  — you could be flying around and you often need some body centered grounding.

Now to the body and mind

Ever wonder why so many vegetarians, vegans, veggie dominant eaters etc – are so into meditation and such body-centered practices such as yoga, and Tai chi, etc.

Because all these practices have worked for millenia with millions upon billions of people throughout history who have had mainly a vegetarian or very light on meat diet. Basically the majority of Asia.

  • Hinduism (yoga) predates Christianity by 2000 years –  Primarily practiced in India
  • Taoism (tai-chi) – 55o years prior to Christianity. – Primarily practiced in China
  • Buddhism (6th century BC) incorporates meditation as well. India and numerous other Asian countries, including Japan. For body practices in these regions – you have Yoga again – you don’t have to be hindu to practice it; and in Japan – martial arts are a long-standing tradition.

(Spoiler Alert – Political – skip following paragraph in parentheses if you can’t stomach mixing self-help stuff and spirituality with politics —-

If you study ancient Eastern History before Christ came along – THOSE people were PRODUCTIVE!  But with our Western cultural bias … it is the BIG DUMB DOWN in the U.S. educational system, in particular, about the greatness of the East and how much these cultures brought to the world.  And seriously – look it up! – There is a REASON, India and China are taking off  seemingly miraculously— they had it inherent in their traditional culture all along … it has been in their genetics since forever – it isn’t just the Western money and jobs. )

Anyhoo – back to body/mind practice tandem of meditation and eastern body practices ….

Meditation clears a busy and energetic mind and I DEFINITELY suffer if I don’t incorporate it into my life.

 And with yoga … it chills me the F out!

Why cat yoga classes don't work

So long story short – since the start of this year, with a mini yoga routine – maybe 15 min to a half hour – my own routine at home,  I figured out for myself after practicing always in classes.  And a mini meditation routine, that takes as little as 12 minutes – I am able to clear my mind of the millions of thoughts that come through my sometimes manic mind … high speed/high volume ALL the time channel!

Concentration without meds blog 2
Meditation teaches you how to say – STAY to your Mind, with your Mind – in the most compassionate and accepting way possible. Who knew? Only billions of people throughout history. A bunch of somebodies weren’t paying attention …. ooooh!

Yes, I did a lot of spiritual inquiry, etc  for years prior to this … BUT, I had so much resistance to incorporating these practices into a daily routine .. that I didn’t consistently incorporate the practices to start seeing the real benefit … Also I thought it had to be harder … an hour of meditation every day and an hour of yoga everyday.  Ugh that just made me tired.  So I made it easier for myself, except for the fact that I insisted that it be a daily practice – until it became a habit that I didn’t want to break … and if I did, I started FEELING the loss and witnessing myself lose my progress!

A couple of Tips that could work for me, others and possibly you –

  • The best combo for me, and others I have spoken to …is Yoga first and Meditation second.  And it can be any time of the day that works for you — but the effects are the most dramatic — and needed when you are feeling the craziest.
  • I would advise yoga and meditation as separate practices if you are having crazy-times, lack of concentration, stress, etc – throughout the day.
  • You could do a mini meditation on your way to or from work on public transpo.
  • And a mini yoga break during lunch … find a park, find an empty office … whatever ….
  • If anybody gives me a shout out of interest in the comments, I will eventually reference this post in the future to give details with actual photos showing precious details etc about my routines.  Silent viewers …. um – I can’t read your minds.

Concentration without meds blog

Life is fucking difficult – but there are easy ways to make it less so!

*Um … ONE thing – I know  the above is a blanket statement.  If you follow my blog, you will see me mention some brilliant life coaches and wise people that give great free/low-cost advice and low cost programs where anybody, including myself ON an extreme budget have gotten great value.  YET, the trend is to charge lots of money for advice … if those people have low cost programs for EVERYBODY not just the millionaires that can pay their outrageous one-to-one fees then I trust them.  Otherwise — I don’t care what certification, degree, etc.  If they haven’t actually LIVED it out in the real world?  What is a book gonna tell them?  And at the end of the day, I have received my best, most accurate, heart-felt advice from certain wise friends and family members my whole life. And it never cost me anything, except a bit of pride twinging every now and then, which was good for my character. 



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