Nugget O’ Wisdom – Identity and Loss

On Entheos – social media website –

The community was asked – if there was one thing you could change right now, what would it be?

And I REALLY wanted to answer world-peace … but that answer has been voiced so many times, I knew I had to be more specific.  And I thought of one of the “simplest” things for each of us to change, that could transform every day on our dear earth into a peaceful idyll.  And WHAT is that …. well read below – hopeful reader!

The consciousness of identity – for humanity to understand that Identity is not WHO we are but rather who we THINK we are.  We all need to understand that our Identity is NOT our essence, which is everlasting and immortal.  Our identity is just a bunch of ideas that we have about ourselves and think others have about us … and ideas can change in a millisecond.  If you THINK you have an identity, you will always be proved WRONG –


and again

and again.  

Find your essential core, and change your identity like an outfit to suit the situation and environment, and you can master the world.

Imagine if all those who have so identified with being a warrior for God, just dropped that identity, and tapped into the wisdom of their essential core that is always in communion with the divine/supernatural wisdom, no matter WHO they think they are, or WHAT they are accomplishing or have accomplished in the material world.  It doesn’t MATTER what you call yourself, the wisdom of the world, knows who you are.  You can’t hide and you aren’t impressing the divine.

But we get lost in the game-playing of identity politics and culture, and lose contact with our true selves in the mental/emotional spin of shoulds and shouldn’ts.

PEOPLE, it isn’t so difficult.  Just STOP

for 5 minutes

and weave your way to the consciousness

that you are breathing,

and that your body is connected to your mind,

and that both have this immediate response

to the environment around you

and that the world is vibrating with all sorts of messages

ALL sorts of information,

that your identity filters out and limits you from experiencing.

If you could just STOP

and breathe

and still your mind long enough to notice the world around you …

you could have one moment of peace,

and perhaps



another ….

Add those moments become the pearls along your string of life …

Each moment could be a discovery,

each moment

a celebration

of who you could be in the world

in communion with your essential self

in communion with the feedback

you receive from universal wisdom.

THIS is your moment … TAKE it !  And discover TRUE freedom in the safe heart of your inner core!

in the moment

This previously appeared in the New Yorker Magazine.


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